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Who Are the Real Monsters?

P.I. Prezi

Samantha Wicke

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of Who Are the Real Monsters?

Who Are the Real Monsters?
Finding Our Way Out of Animal Cruelty.

Physical Abuse
Animal Neglect
Neglect is the most common type of animal cruelty
With so many people who have animals, and some who can't provide for them, animal neglect is almost inevitable
Because the most popular species of pet are dogs, they are neglected the most

The Solutions
How can you contribute to ending animal cruelty?
Thanks For Watching!!
Animal cruelty doesn't only effect animals, it also has big effects on children
Animal abuse can lead to child abuse and child abuse can lead to animal abuse
If children witness an act of animal cruelty the endless cycle of animal cruelty might have already begun

One example of an animal cruelty law is: in Massachusetts, you aren't allowed to use a live animal as a lure in a dog race
Many states have similar laws, but the punishment varies from state to state

Many people expect dogs like Pit Bulls and German Shepards to attack people, but what about the dogs that people don't expect to attack?
For example: Dachsunds
There are a lot of myths about Pit Bulls brought on by harsh and untrue stereotypes

Many Americans own pets
Very few cases are reported, the amount that is is only the tip of the iceberg
Even though all cases should be punishable by law, if the case is considered "exempt" there is no consequence given

Prezi By:Samantha Wicke
As you can see, all of the states have different opinions on how animal cruelty should be punished, leading to variations and weak spots in the laws
If we can get a law similar to this one passed throughout the whole country with very little variation in the punishment between the states, then we have a chance at erasing animal cruelty in the United States
Physical Abuse
Animal Neglect
Works Cited
Table of Contents
Nearly two thirds of American households have pets
Cheyenne's Story
If we can get some new laws in place, animals like Cheyenne won't have to suffer through animal cruelty.
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Pit Bulls are one of the most misunderstood breed of dog
Dogfights only take place in rural areas
Unintentional acts are excluded to consequence
1 million test animals are killed every year
Pit Bulls are inherently violent
Animal neglect is the most common form of animal cruelty
Hundreds of animals are abused everyday
Pit Bulls can lock their jaws
What is your perspective on what the definition of animal abuse should be?
Animal Abuse: A socially unacceptable act that causes unnecessary pain, suffering and/or death of an animal on purpose
Exempt Cases
Factory Farming
Animal Experimentation
Pit Bull Myths
Pit Bulls Can Lock
Their Jaws
Pit Bulls are
Inherently Violent
Pit Bulls are Human and Dog-Aggressive
It is Dangerous to Adopt a Pit Bull that was Raised by a Shelter
It is Better to Adopt a
Pit Bull as a Puppy
The Endless Cycle of Animal Cruelty
Child Witnesses
Animal Abuse
A child who witnesses animal abuse is more likely to abuse animals as an adolescent and an adult
Child Abuses Animal
as Adolescent
Adolescents who abuse animals are more likely to become a criminal as an adult
Child Becomes
Many criminals admit to committing animal cruelty either in adolescence or recently
Criminal Abuses Animal in Front of Child
The cycle of animal cruelty begins again
You can help by reporting anyone suspected of animal cruelty
Small Scale
Large Scale

How can everyone come together to help end animal cruelty?
Create and pass a law that would be put in place throughout the whole country
An example of such a law is...
Sample Law/ Punishment
Law: Any person who causes pain, suffering,and/or death to an animal will be punished in civil and/or criminal court
New York's Animal Neglect
As an example, New York has the most animal neglect in the country
Other ways to get involved?

Unintentional Acts
New York has the highest amount of animal neglect in the whole country
Most of the animal neglect in New York is centered around Long Island
Punishment: Depending on the severity of the case, the owner may get anything from community service to 5 years in prison
Dog breeds like Greyhounds and Pit Bulls are bred for sports, and when they are included in those sports, abuse is bound to follow
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