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"And May The Best Cheater Win"

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Elle Hamilton

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of "And May The Best Cheater Win"

"And May The Best Cheater Win"
By: Harry Bruce
Essay Type: Persuasive Essay
A persuasive essay is also known as a argument essay. The authors of these essays use logic and facts, in the form of quoting experts and providing examples in order to persuade the reader to agree with their argument.
Indirect: Cheating has become so prominent in the world of sports that it has blinded us from our true sportsmanship and morals of the game, in which it has corrupted the minds of our youth into believing that dishonesty is the only way to succeed.

1. "Cheating. But every youth also knows that in organized sports across North America, cheating is not only perfectly okay, it's recommended"(34).

2. "The recruiting of college athletes in the United States, and the use of academic fraud to maintain their eligibility, stunk so powerfully in 1980 that Newsweek decided to "'cheating has become the name of the game,"' and spoke of the fear on U.S. campuses of "'an epidemic of corruption."'
Writing Techniques
1. Direct Quotes/Appealing to higher authority: "The structure of sport...actually promotes defiance,"says U.S. sport sociologist D.S. Eitzen"(34).
-Direct quotes allow the reader to use other credited professionals opinions to agree with their thesis. It's useful because it will cause the reader to consider your argument if other people agree with it as well.

2. Allusion- "And May The Best Cheater Win"
-The title of Harry Bruce's essay is an allusion to the common saying "And may the best team win" or etc. This title plays an important role because it shows the reader exactly what the essay will be about. The title also grabs the readers attention because it is ironic; cheaters don't usually win.

3. Irony- "Fans, alumini, coaches, college administrators, players and their parents all believed nothing could ever be more important than winning (or more disgraceful than losing), and that cheating in victory's cause was therefore commendable,"(35).
-The whole essay is very ironic because we have the author telling us about reality of cheating in the sports world, especially collegiate, and all colleges and university's have strict no plagiarism rules but yet when it comes to sports these same adults are encouraging students to cheat in order to get ahead. Bruce's use of irony in his essay greater strengthens his argument by showing the reader how hypocritical and wrong these people's actions are, and that if you can't cheat your way to receiving a degree then why can you cheat your way to a championship?

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