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Significant Digits

"sig digs" for short!

Rebecca Mortensen

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Significant Digits

How many sig digs? Introducing the Atlantic-Pacific Rule! Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean A decimal is present.

Start on the left. A decimal is absent.

Start on the right. General Rules Count the first non-zero number. Keep counting until you get to the other ocean! Significant Digits:
How much do I know about this number? How many do I keep? Addition & Subtraction Multiplication & Division Scientific Notation Multiplication & Division Keep the LEAST number that was given in the problem.
(Round when appropriate.) example: 5.367 x 2.0 = ? 5.367 has ____ sig digs
2.0 has ____ sig digs
the answer should have ____ sig digs answer: 10.734 --> 11 Addition & Subtraction The numbers after the decimal matter.
"Stack" your numbers.
Draw a line behind the LAST decimal place for the number with the LEAST.
Do the addition or subtraction.
Round when necessary to the proper number of sig digs. example: 7.32 + 6.589 = ? answer: 13.909 --> 13.91 (worked out on board) Scientific Notation The mantissa is what matters.

Keep the LEAST number that was given in the problem. example: (4.36 x 10^3) x (1.397 x 10^6) the mantissas are 4.36 & 1.397
the LEAST number of sig digs is ____
the answer should have ____ in the mantissa answer: 6.0909 x 10^9 --> 6.09 x 10^9 Let's practice! 7297 0.07297 72.97 0.0405 12 1500 40
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