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The History of Medicine Project

The history of medicine through the 18th century and into the early 1900s to the late 1975's

Zebin Dholasaniya

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of The History of Medicine Project

The History of Medicine The 18th Century to the 1900's By: Ariel R., Alex H., Haley S., & Zebin D. People important figures in medicine 1700 1900 1750 1774 Dr. Edward Jenner Gabriel Fahrenheit John Hunter James Lind Carl Landsteiner Dr. Ellie Metchnikoff Sir. Alexander Fleming Jonas Stalk Joseph Murray Gernad Domagk Fredrick Banting Charles Best Joseph Pristley was the one who discovered the element that we now recognize as Oxygen. 1778 1795 1796 John Hunter, who is well known as an English surgeon, founded scientific surgical procedures and also was the first one to introduce the idea of tube-feeding. James Lind, for the pervention of Scurvy, perscribed lime juice containing Vitamin C to his patients. 1901 1922 1928 Edward Jenner, for the prevention of small-pox, introduced the small-pox vaccination. Carl Landsteiner was the first one to classify blood groups such as ABO. Fredrick Banting and Carles Best for the treatment of diabetes, discovered and used insulin to treat their patients. Sir Alexander Fleming was the first one to discover the existence of the antibiotic agents, penicillin. Jonas Stalk, to reduce the number of polio
deaths, used a dead polio virus, to further prevent polio by creating a vaccination. Joseph Murray led the first successful kidney transplant on a human. Louis Brown was the first "test-tube" baby to be born. 1952 1954 1978 Places important locations in history Medical devices and instruments Benjamine Franklin 1784 invented bifocals for glasses 1714 Gabriel Fahrenheit the creator of the 1st mercury thermometer Willem J. Kolff 1944 John Heysham Gibbon 1953 built the 1st heart-lung machine that was successfully used for open-heart surgery. Hospitals found in Britain established in New Medical Schools colonial medical practioners received training and lectures York & Philidelphia 1766 1st colonial medical society was established in New Jersey. - - - 1772 1st licensing board was founded in New Jersey. Dr. Thomas Bond & Benjamine Franklin were the 1st people to establish
a formal hospital in Pennsylvania. Diseases illness and sicknesses formed and spread Chain of Events and was the first one to develop the kidney dialysis machine Small Pox Polio Vaccines 1900s - crazy spreading of disease 1952 - 3,000 deaths of polio in United States of America alone 1955 - Jonas Stalk found vaccination 1700s Smallpox 1798 1900s Diphtheria 1923
Pertussis 1926
Tetanus 1927
Tuberculosis 1927
Influenza 1945
Polio 1952
Yellow fever 1953
Poliomyelitis 1955
Measles 1963
Mumps 1967
Rubella 1969
Anthrax 1970
Meningitis 1975 development of prevention Joseph Pristley Resources Facts On File Kids Health Diversified Health Occupations: Sixth Edition 1751 Links http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/482384/public-health/35547/National-developments-in-the-18th-and-19th-centuries
http://www.fofweb.com/HRC/default.asp Britannica Online Encyclopedia 1/3 London population infected 1960 - US, risk of small-pox reduced, but vaccine was encouraged 1796 - Edward Jenner created vaccination for prevention Sanitation Meat Inspection Act - introduced due to gross conditions leading to the diffusion of diseases. Thank You Comments? Questions? Concerns? Walter Reed Albert Sabin
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