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Does Mint Actually Cool Things Down

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hannah garrard

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Does Mint Actually Cool Things Down

Does Mint Actually Cool Things Down
Hannah Garrard
6th Grade

I hypothesize that the mint will have a cooling affect on the water because when you put them in your mouth it cools it down and your mouth is hot so it would do the same for hot water.
Independent-the independent variable is the type of mints being used

Dependent-the dependent variable is the cooling affect of mints on water
Purpose of Project
The purpose of my project is to determine if mint has a cooling affect on water.
1. 1 pack of each. ice breakers winter green, lifesavers pep o mints, tic tac fresh mints, mentos peppermint)
2. 4 glasses of hot water
3. Thermometer
4.Pen and paper for notes
Data Table
In conclusion my hypothesis wasn't correct because the mint just sits there and kinda flavors the water and also they sit there and just use their force and also has the temperature of the room with it to. What I know now that I didn't know then was that a mint is just full of refreshing ingredients to make your breath smell good and not anything else. Basically the project was to see the cooling affect and how mints speed up the process of the water cooling. During this experiment I thought that other mints would speed up the process faster than others but in conclusion it worked the other way. If I were to do this project again I would actually do different mints in the same cup.
1.Get a glass of hot water and take the temperature with a thermometer and record this
2.Place 5 mints in the glass of water and take the temperature again record this
3.Place more mints in the glass of water 5 at a time and record whether you observe any changes at all. You should monitor for 30 minutes
4.The other glass of hot water is to be used as a reference.This is because we know that water cools over time and we want to make sure that if there are any change in temperature, we want to know its not independent of time, but of the mints speeding up the cooling process
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