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Jessica Rasser

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of germany

Unity, Justice and Freedom Germany Statistics map & flag 16 states
neighboring countries:
Poland, Czech Republic,
Austria, Switzerland, France,
Luxembourg, Belgium,
population: 81.8 millions
Capital: Berlin tricolor: black, red, gold
"From the darkness(black)
of slavery through bloody(red)
battles to the golden light
of liberty." Federal Republic of Germany 962 1618-1648 1517 1789-1815 Otto I crowned
Imperator Romanorum;
Holy Roman Empire formed Martin Luther's 95 Theses;
Separation of the church into Catholics and Protestants Thirty Years War, fought largely in German lands,
causes massive devastation and population losses.
Religious fights between European Catholics and Protestants French Revolution;
Napoleon started the battle against major European nations;
end of the Holy Roman Empire;
German Confederation formed; 1914-1918 1949 1939-1945 1961 10/3/1990 World War I World War II;
after appointed Chancellor of Germany (1933), Hitler instigated the Holocaust German Democratic Republic
and Federal Republic of
Germany formed
during the Cold War; Berlin Wall is built to
stop East Germans
fleeing to the West Berlin Wall falls; Foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany ; 16 Federal States; Berlin as Capital;New currency: Deutsche Mark Culture
GDP $3.194 trillion (2012 est.) Rank 5
GDP growth 0.9% (2012 est.) Rank 166
GDP per capita Nominal $39,100 (2012 est.) Rank 26
Inflation (CPI) 2.2% (2012 est.) Rank 35
Gini coefficient 0.27 (2006) Rank 126
Labour force 44.01 million (2012 est.) Rank 14
unemployment rate 6.5% (2012 est.) Rank 69
Population below Poverty 15.5% (2010 est.)
Budget revenues: $1.511 trillion
Budget expenditures: $1.511 trillion (2012 est.)
Public Debt 80.5% of GDP (2012 est.) Rank 27
Exchange Rate 1€ = $1.36 (2/6/13) Germany History Germany Culture Germany Education Germany Economy International Trade Quick facts currency: Euro € since 2001 Exports $1.492 trillion (2012 est.) Rank 1
Imports $1.276 trillion (2012 est.)

Main industries: machinery, vehicles, chemical products, and household equipment, hardware and electronic devices, metals and pharmaceuticals Sources https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/gm.html





http://de.statista.com/statistik/faktenbuch/355/a/laender/deutschland/wirtschaft-in-deutschland/ founding member of EU, member of WTO, UN, NATO, IMF Social Security Health Insurance
Retirement Insurance
Unemployment Insurance
Care Insurance
Accident Insurance 35-65% of income replacing nuclear power with renewable energy poor in raw materials, great service sector very high standard of living highly skilled labor force Index of freedom: Rank 19 ECB in Frankfurt Literature: Goethe, Schiller, Grimm, Mann, Hesse
Music: Brahms, Wagner, Haydn, Schubert
Music festivals, Bayreuth Festspielhaus
Architecture: Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque
Science: Einstein, Planck, Röntgen, Diesel, Otto
Fraunhofer Institute
Sport: Schuhmacher, Becker, Beckenbauer, Schweinsteiger; 15,500 soccer clubs,
Fests: Munich Octoberfest, Christkindlmarkt, Karneval, Berlinale
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