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No description

Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Epipens

If someone gets stung.
Remove sting
Look for rash, flushed face, vomiting and struggling to breathe.
Tell another person ( or an adult).
Ring 000
While waiting for ambulance insert epipen

How to use an Epipen.
1.Remove Epipen from plastic case
2.Remove blue lid
3.Rub thigh for 10 seconds to warm blood.
4.Insert Epipen for 10 seconds
People don't only need epipens for bee stings.
they can have them for:
Kiwi Fruit
Thank you for watching!!!!!!
Hope you have learnt something!!!!
1. Take theplastic case off otherwise you can't use it:-)
2. So it is totally activated
3.Insert this orange part to the thigh only with clothing or without for 10 seconds
Just pretend Mr Wallace is out walkng along 500m away from camp and he didnt have his epipen and "OUCH" he got stung by a bee becuase he couldnt hobble away fast enough and you were the only one with him. What would you do?
(A): leave him and Run back to camp and call 000.
(B): Stay with him and watch him suffer and talk about prime numbers.

Fun Fact!
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