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U.S. Supports Helping Cuba

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Amanda Sabin

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of U.S. Supports Helping Cuba

War With Spain
USS Maine sent to protect US citizens
It exploded, killing 260 men. Spain was blamed.
Spain declared war after US said Cuba was independent
US Gains Territories
By winning the war, the US got Cuba, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines
The Anti-Imperialist League was an American group which opposed the idea of a US colonial empire
War in the Caribbean
US soldiers were not provided with enough supplies (winter uniforms, bad food, not enough guns or bullets)
Less than 2,500 died, most from yellow fever
Rough Riders were a heroic squad w/Theo Roosevelt 2nd in command
In June-July, US Navy blockaded Spanish ports and easily took Puerto Rico
The war ended August 12, 1898
U.S. Supports Helping Cuba
Spain was criticized for denying Cuban independence in exaggerated newspaper articles using yellow journalism
Despite American support for involvement on Cuba's behalf, President Cleveland was against it
Pro-Cuban-Independence McKinley elected 1896
Fighting in the Pacific
Commodore Dewey was ordered to attack the Spanish Philippines
Defeated Spanish troops but didn't have enough to occupy and secure island
One day after the war ended, US soldiers and rebels took control of the capitol, Manila
The Spanish-American War
McKinley set up military government w/ General Wood as Governor
In 1900 Dr. Walter Reed was sent and worked to prevent yellow fever
A Cuban constitution was drafted and included the Platt Amendment, which let the US interfere in Cuban affairs
The Philippines
Many Americans wanted to keep US control of the Philippines for commericial and naval value
Filipinos expected independence because they helped take the capitol
Rebel forcesstarted a guerilla war which lasted until 1902, ending in a US created government.
Philippines were granted full independence in 1946
Puerto Rico
Made a territory and a civil government was established in 1900.
In 1917, the Jones act gave Puerto Ricans US citizenship
In 1952 Puerto Rico was made a commonwealth(like it's own country but in full association
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