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Slenderman Presentation


Kedron Abbott

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Slenderman Presentation

Overview of Slender Man
Slender Man is a mythological creature.
He is a man with no face, white skin, a black suit, long arms and legs, and tentacles on his back.
He is said to kill or abduct children and anyone who symbolizes his victim.

The goal for the player is to collect 8 pages while their flashlight is dying and the Slenderman is pursuing them through the deep dark woods.
Slenderman gets more hostile the more pages the player collects.
The goal of the game
Check for Collisions
Check for Input
Register Input
If player collides with paper
If F pressed
If W, A, S, D Pressed
Increase Page Count By +1
Move Player
Play Paper Rustle SFX
Slenderman's movements are at random. His ability is to appear at random behind the player; more-so depending how many pages the player has.
Wait for Player Input OR
5 Seconds
Slenderman turns random degrees
moves random direction/moves random amount of feet

Slenderman's Movement
The F key will turn your flash light
on and off. Though you only have a limited amount of time.
You move with the WASD keys
Main Menu
Toggle Flashlight
Toggle Timer
Controller Input
Check for input
An input is something the player uses to control the game. This one checks for a keypress
The input is stored temporarily then is checked for what key was pressed
It moves the player a certain direction depending on keypress
Turns on and off the flashlight, which is needed for the game to see.
Turns on and off the timer, which is used to determine how much time is left before the light's battery runs out. When the flashlight is off the timer doesn't count down.
Check for Proximity
If player collides with Slender Man

Check for proximity is when the game checks to see how close you are to slender. If you are within ten feet of slender the game will give off a warning of a static sound effect at a low volume. The closer you get to slender the louder the sfx gets.
Check for timer
As stated earlier, the flash light has a timer on it
for a limited amount of use.

Play static sound - every 2 seconds increase vol. by 5%
The Slenderman will continue these actions until the game has ended.
Show Slenderman's face
By: Taylor, Kedron, Alex, and Ethan
End Game

If 8/8 pages Collected
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