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book project quarter 3

No description

madisyn blanton

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of book project quarter 3

Liz a sixteen-year old girl who has a great life: a bond with her older brother, supportive parents, a devoted boyfriend, a real talent for photography, and a "forever-best friend" in Kate. That all changes when Liz and Kate get into a fight at one of the regular slumber parties. The cold shoulder Kate gives to her friend go beyond the expected, and Liz confronts her formal pal. Finally, Kate comes out with it: she claims that Liz's older brother Mike raped her that night when Liz left the room.
Theme One:
Character-destruction, build-up
"Yes, you do. You’re nothing but a stuck-up actress. By the way, I only invited you because my mom told me to." Terry said. "Nobody wanted you there anyways." (pg. 36)
"That's because you can hide behind your camera." Her words are like a jab to my gut, and i wanted to hurt her."(pg. 18)
Both of the quotes are examples of people bringing each other down with their words.
Theme Two:
Communication-Verbal and Non-Verbal
"I would pretend that Greg and the other kids in the neighborhood were still my friends and that they were on their way to meet me." (pg.126)
"Kate sees me, pretends she doesn't, walks through the double doors. She's been avoiding me all week long." (pg.45)
In both of the quotes, the people are being excluded by thier friends and not being talked to.
Theme Three: Overcoming- Fear, Weakness, Vice, Pain, Tragedy
"Jodee, you have overcome sadness, loneliness, even terrible loss. But guilt goes with you to the grave." (pg.113)
"Some friendships fade. People grow apart, lose touch, want different things. Dreams woven together, unravel."
These quotes explain how these people move on from destruction in thier lives even though it is hard to.
Please Stop Laughing at Me
This book is about Jodee's life and how she was bullied from elementary school through high school.
Jodee was given a hard time because she was sticking up for what was right which was considered "uncool."
She tried switching schools several times and her whole family eventually moved but everywhere she went it was the same.
Nobody understood what she was going through.
book project quarter 3
Theme One: Character- Destruction, build up
"What a fine man. He already looks like a real officer."
"You know what? I hate it when you make up stupid little names for people it's not funny."
In the first quote the you are building the character up and in the second one you are bringing the character down.
Theme Two:
Communication- verbal and non-verbal
"Look out!"
"I leave another message," Kate, call me. Please call me," and my wants hang heavy on the line."
In the first quote the guy communicate that he needs to look out but in the second on Kate won't talk to her.

Theme Three: Overcoming- fear, weakness, vice, pain, tradegy
"I'm lucky enough to survive this adventure I'm going to get myself the smartest two-seater Hispano-Suiza that can be bought."
"Some friendships fade. People grow apart, lose touch, want different things. Dreams woven together, unravel."
In these quotes these people are overcoming something in their lives.
Kipling's Choice
On the verge of World War I, John, like his father before him, wanted to fight for his country. But when John’s military application was threatened, Rudyard took matters into his own hands, applying all his influence to allow his son to fight in the Great War. And the teenager who had lived his life in comfort and whose greatest concern had been pleasing his father now faced a much greater challenge—stying alive in his first battle
Author's Purpose
Please Stop Laughing at Me - The author's purpose of writing this book was because she doesn't want other teens feeling like she did at that age.

Exposed - The author's purpose of writing this book to entertain the audience reading.

Kipling's Choice - The author's purpose of writing was to explain personal experience
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