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Types and Hungarian bridges Comenius Project 2k14 (not finished yet)

Bence Mokány

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Bridges

Beam Bridges
The simpliest structure
supported by an abudment or pier at each end
this type have to be stiff and strong
The weight of the beam pushes straight down on the piers
Consists of one or more towersor pylons
Economical as it allows a slender and lightstructure
Each of their cables are supportedto the deck and to a tower
In cable-stayed bridges the towers are in compression and the cablesare in tension
Most popular bridge type
Curved design because of the arch
Load forces conveyed along the curve of the arch to the supports on each end
viaduct made up from series of arches
Made up of straight connected elements
Stressed from compression and tension
Old-type (19th - 20th century)
Economical construction
However, they need a large space
Vertical suspender cables carry the weight of the deck
The cables are suspended between towers and anchored at each end of the bridge
They stretch across the towers, pull them down and create compression in them
Suspension bridges use a combination of tension and compression
Liberty Bridge
The smallest bridge in Budapest
Connects Buda and Pest across the River Danube
Built between 1894 and 1896
In 1945 the retreating German army blew the bridge up
Reconstructed in 1946
333.6 m in length and 20.1 m in width
Bertalan Bridge
Largest steel beam bridge in Hungary
Built up between 1977 and 1979
It is 762m wide and 19,4m long
Named after Elisabeth of Bavaria, a popular queen and empress of Austria-Hungary
The original bridge was blown up at the end of World War II by retreating Wehrmacht sappers.
This is the only bridge in Budapest which could not be rebuilt in its original form.
Symbol of Hortobágy (biggest plain in Hungary)
The longest stone arch bridge of our country
167 m long
Comenius Project 2014
DLSB Balatonalmádi

Szabadság Híd
The destroyed bridge
After the reconstruction
Bertalan híd
The weight pushes straight down the piers
Bertalan Bridge
Across the river Tisza
Between Buda and Pest
Proposed by Count István Széchenyi
Designed by William Tierney Clark
The first permanent bridge across the Danube in Budapest
380m long and 14.5m wide
In Veszprém
Over a 50 m deep valley and creek Séd
Two small, one big arch
Made up of steel and concrete: tough
Highway bridge over the Danube
basket handlebridge: a modern type of arch bridge
Longest arch bridge span
Margaret Bridge
three-way bridge in Budapest
637.5 m in length and 25 m in width
Connects Buda, the Margaret Island and Pest
Destroyed in the WWll, the detonation killed 600 civilians
Megyeri Bridge
It is the biggest and the first cable-stayed river bridge in Hungary
The total length of it is 1.862m and its width is 34 and 36m
The designer was Mátyás Hunyadi and it was opened in2008
Structurally it has 5 parts because the bridge is across the Szentendre island
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