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The Innovations of a Toothbrush

For years we have neglected the greatness that our toothbrushes give us. It wouldn't hurt to appreciate the toothbrush by studying its history. This Prezi will take you down the road of how the toothbrush came to be an everyday essential.

Brianna Young

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of The Innovations of a Toothbrush

Innovations of the Toothbrush (cc) image by jantik on Flickr Dates all the way back to 3500 b.c and 1498 The Origin of the Toothbrush On June 26, 1498, a chinese emperor created the first "bristle" toothbrush. Around 3500 b.c ancient Romans and Greeks used chewing sticks as a Toothbrush. First modern toothbrush that was patented was in 1941
A tongue cleaner on a toothbrush was patented in 1984
The electric toothbrush was patented in 1996
Removable toothbrush head was patented in 1997 Patents Over the years, engineers have created many new, creative ideas to enhance the toothbrush. Here are a few patent products of the toothbrush. Patenting the toothbrush Original Materials Toothbrushes were nothing but sticks that were chewed on untill it became like a brush. In later years, the toothbrush was innovated by tying boar hairs to Bamboo or a bone. We all know that toothbrushes were made to improve oral health, but did you know that the original materials used to make toothbrushes didn't really help? Yeah, some teeth still looked a little something like this . . . Gross Fact But Why? Why? Have you ever brushed your teeth with rough hog fur? Yeah, we thought not. Seriously, the hog bristles were way too tough to brush with and eventually, damaged the mouth itself. The toothbrush that we all know and love today (hopefully), wasn't always so magnificent. Just like many other things in our lifetime, everyday essentials improve to enhance our lives. What could possibly be the changes of the simple toothbrush, you ask. Well lets go over them... Improving the Toothbrush Environmental Impact Over 50 million pounds of toothbrushes are tossed in America's landfills every year.
If there is one thing we could change of the toothbrush it would be the materials it is made of, so the toothbrush can be recyclable. Economic Impact Well the biggest impact the toothbrush made, globally, is the improvement of oral health. Without toothbrushes (and an occasional dentist visit) a lot of Oral problems would run a muck in our society making living expenses even more expensive (because obviously everyone uses a toothbrush, hopefully). Why is the toothbrush so important? (If you don't actually know why, then get out.) What differences did it make to the economy and environment? Lets Find out! The Toothbrushes impact The toothbrush mainly went through innovations to make brushing your teeth an easier experience, the original design of a toothbrush wasn't really modified except the materials they used.
The materials were changed to a plastic handle and synthetic bristles
Another change was the, the old fashion manual toothbrush was switched with an electric one. The Engineering Disciplines http://gargles.net/evolution-of-the-toothbrush/
http://www.streetdirectory.com/travel_guide/3682/health/the_history_of_the_toothbrush.html Citations First Period
Project Lead the way BY:
Mesyliah Babatunde
Brianna Young Mr.Lagunas 1498- 1600 Today 1885 1939 3500 B.C Timeline of the Toothbrush Chewing sticks were designed to clean teeth by gnawing on sticks. Chinese "dentist" found new ways to brush teeth with sticks and bristles Mass production of a more modern toothbrush started. Softer bristles became an innovation to the toothbrush. Electric toothbrush was introduced in Switzerland by Squibb. Today there are Electric, timer toothbrushes, that play music! Great right? The engineering Discipline that can be apart of the production of the toothbrush could be civil and mechanical engineering. Civil engineers create new ways to improve everyday life and Mechanical engineers deal with more technology like the electric toothbrush designs. Example ^ Yet, some people still don't take advantage of the toothbrush . . . They have "other alternatives."
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