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No description

maddie grissom

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Lyddie

Another reason we think Lyddie should not sign the petition is if she signs it she will be blacklisted. That means she will never be able to work in a mill or anywhere else. "Betsy signed the petition. One of the Female Labor Reform girl caught her in and apothecary shop one evening and got her to write in her name. Lyddie was furious. They got you when you was feeling low, she said. They go creeping around the city taking advantage when girls are feeling sick or worn out. Now you'll be blacklisted, and what will I do without you?" 111
Lyddie should not sign the petition in our opinions. Lyddie is making the money she needs and wants faster with the thirteen hours she is working. If she does sign the petition and the less working hours does not happen she will be blacklisted and never be able to work anywhere again because no one will hire her. Those are the reasons we think Lyddie should not sign the petition.
In the novel that Katherine Patterson wrote. Lyddie is a young hard working girl that lived on a farm with her mom, brother, and sisters. When her farm is taken away from her family. Lyddie goes to work and tries to make enough money to save her farm for her and her family. Then she goes to Lowell to start working in a mill. While she is working in the mill, Diana Goss is circulating a petition for the people working there to have less working hours. In our opinions we don't think Lyddie should sign the petition.
One of the reasons we think Lyddie should not sign the petition is she is working in the mill to get the money to get back her farm for her family. If she signs the petition and the less working hours does happen she will have to work longer to get the money for her farm. With the thirteen hours she is working, she is making more money faster then working less hours and making less money. "She told no one about the money. She wanted to tell Diana. Diana, she knew, would rejoice with her, but she decided to wait. She was so close now to having the money she needed." 117
By:Katherine Patterson
Landrea Newton
Maddie Grissom

Should Lyddie sign the petition that Diana Goss is circulating?
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