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Dont huff dont puff keep away from tht stuff


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Transcript of Dont huff dont puff keep away from tht stuff

Follow the footsteps to the right path. Dont Huff, Dont Puff stay away from that stuff! What is marijuana? AGENCIES THAT CAN HELP Marijuana is made from the hemp plant cannabis sativa. It contains THC and is a mixture of dried shredded brown leaves of the hemp plant. Marijuana contains more than 400 other chemicals. A stronger form is called hashish. It is smoked in a blunt ,joint,or a bong. Problems with memory
Distorted perception\
Increase heart rate
More chest colds Short term Effects Hi, My Name is Dave and I Was a Pothead
by Dave

Most teens don’t believe that marijuana can be addictive – but Dave W. has experienced otherwise. Trying pot in high school soon led to an addiction that was ruining his life. He was smoking multiple times a day, buying and selling it to his friends and rapidly losing his parents trust. In the following interview with The Partnership, Dave tells us why marijuana isn’t just a harmless plant. I smoked pot for the first time the summer after my sophomore year of high school. It was a family friend’s birthday party and he had a bunch of guys over.I think I was just looking for a new experience. I had heard about it, but didn’t have too many friends who were doing it. It wasn’t necessarily the cool thing to do – I guess it was mostly out of curiosity and for something new to try. I don’t think I got high by the drugs.Acceptance was a big part of my using.I started to do worse and worse in school – I didn’t care. I got a 2.4 my first semester – my parents weren’t thrilled, but I shook it off and didn’t really think about it. I thought that as long as I did halfway decent and left school with a diploma, I was fine. I could get high all the time and do less work than my peers and still pass. I wasn’t doing homework, I was sleeping through classes, pushing off work till the last minute. It was always hanging over my head – so I just got high again and again so that I wouldn’t think about it. School work was pushed aside so that I could go downtown at one in the morning to Alphabet City to pick up more drugs. REAL LIFE. Real People. Their Stories. Get High Off Your Own Supply of Awesomness!! IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO HAS A PROBLEM VISITS THESE SITES. Long term Effects Cancer
Immune cells are weakened
It kills the chemical that helps you feel good
Lung cancer
Lower sperm count Read a book.
Wash the dog.
Go for a walk.
Do a crossword puzzle.
Take a nap.
Call a friend.
Play with the cat.
Turn the bathroom into a spa and do all those beauty treatments.
Listen to a relaxation tape or some favorite music.
Go to a store and get a free make-up session.
Give yourself a manicure and pedicure.
Try out a new hair-do
Go to the movies.
Hang out at a mall.
Do a jigsaw puzzle online at Jigzone.com
Breathe deeply! www.soberforever.net/ www.drugrehabstartpage.com/government-agencies.php Wellingtonretreat.com/adolescents Be right Be wrong You choose.
Its your LIFE!
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