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Student & Faculty Outreach: Reaching the Reluctant

A case study from the Journalism Library at Columbia University.

Starr Hoffman, PhD, MLS, MA

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Student & Faculty Outreach: Reaching the Reluctant

Pre-Existing Outreach
Engaging Faculty
Respectful of their busy schedule

Faculty Meeting Presentation:
Brief, relevant to interests
Explain instruction sessions
New databases (directly relevant)

Directly email faculty:
Specific databases, tools
Engaging Students
Embedded in J-School
One-room library
Open afternoon, evening
Circulating & reference collection
Reference services
Off-site & ILL delivery
Updated Outreach
Make things easy (anticipate needs)
Only promote/RT relevant events/items
Time messages to correspond with:
Semester "crunch" times
When students engage, respond!
Keep alumni in the loop
Show personality
Data Consultations
What Worked...
Attending faculty meetings
Otherwise engaging faculty
Orientation sessions
Twitter presence
PhD student meetings

Faculty "Meet 'n Greet" coffee event
Multiple social media accounts
Don't present irrelevant content.

What do students want?
Do they care that we have a new database?
Probably not.
What do they want?
What do they need?
How can you make it
"Save the time of the reader patron."
Converted "info lit" sessions to
data literacy
Reflects curriculum shift
Increased # of instructional sessions
Attend faculty meetings

Social Media
Limited focus to only Twitter
Find & follow new students
Themed schedule of messages
(Google Spreadsheet)
Guides for Getting Started
Library Guide:
Scoping Out Your Beat

Books on NYC neighborhoods
Stats & demographics

Library Guide: Journalism Resources
Popular news databases

About the Columbia J-Library
J-Library Patrons
~300 new MS/MA students each year
~30 PT MS students
~25 PhD candidates
40% international
faculty (working journalists)
Mandatory library orientation session
Information literacy sessions

Social Media:

Finding data (strategies)
Sources for data
Census, local gov
Data Workstations
Digital Social Science Center
Using statistical software
R, GIS, Stata, SPSS, SAS
...What Didn't
Ranganathan's 4th
Law of Librarianship...
Student & Faculty Outreach:
Reaching the Reluctant
Internet Librarian International

Thank you!
Starr Hoffman, PhD, MLS, MA
Journalism & Data Librarian
Columbia University
New York, NY

twitter: @artgeeklibraria (individual)
@JournalismLib (library)
Starr Hoffman, PhD, MLS, MA
Columbia University
New service
Support curricular shift
Data journalism
Students (& some faculty) need help...
We provide help...
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