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on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of By:

By: Briana Soltis, Evonne Garza,
Greg Reichard
Manual labor eliminated
No wiping, mopping, drying, or deodorizing.

Light weight, compact, and easy to use
No heavy floor cleaners to lift or maneuver
Safe on all flooring, including carpet
Maintenance free
Equipped with disposable bio-enzymatic wipes
Safe for pets, family, and home
Money back guarantee

Advantages: More time to spend stress-free hours of fun times with your four-legged friend.

Uniquely designed to automatically detect and clean pet accidents in a compact,
easy to maneuver device

Equipped with ultraviolet light (known as the stink finder)

Illuminates invisible sources of urine odor and other biological contaminants.

Detects odor and permanently removes

Detects and removes intense stains

Discourages re-soiling accidents

SpotOn® Urine Eliminator

By: Briana Soltis, Evonne Garza,
Greg Reichard


Promoting and Advancement

SpotOn Urine Eliminator
Brand new product

Directing to all pet and non pet owners


Business Model
Business Proposal

Industry competition

Major retailers

Global expansion

Wise business decisions

Industry competition

Major retailers

Global expansion

Wise business decisions
Revenue Model
Do you have pet stains?
Does your pet control the house but cannot control his urine?

Meet Bullet the English bulldog. Not only does Bullet rule the roost, Bullet also holds the television and remote control hostage.

Bullet’s favorite show - Family Guy”


Saving time and money

Eliminating hassle and grief
SpotOn® is for YOU!
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Missy Cummings, Amazon's Drone Delivery, 2013, retrieved from http://www.cnn.com/2013/12/02/tech/innovation/amazon-drones-questions/




Factory Direct Manufacturing
Business model in which manufacturer, SpotOn, sells its goods directly to the end user of product.

This ensures efficiency, improved customer service and customer preferences
E-Commerce Capabilities
SpotOn will not be restricted to in-store selling, but will sell to direct customers online , allowing international profit

Utilizing no retail stores, sell through retail partners and no retail stores or partners, only available online
The Dell Story
In the 90's Dell only offered a factory direct option by some e-commerce and catalogue sales.
Dell is now an e-commerce pioneer by strictly selling their product over the internet instead of creating retail stores or middlemen

Enabling customer control and purchasing power


Competitive advantage: Manufacture cost is paid by consumer straight to the company...
Awards SpotOn full control over pricing
Examples of price control include Dell and Apple
Low-cost distribution: Build to order, mass customization
Unlike HCR - SpotOn has Full Price Control
Four Basic Strategies
Low cost leadership
Product/service differentiation
Customer relationship
Network effect
What Made dyson Successful?

Prior to 2002, the vacuum/floor cleaner market was dominated by:


All other small brands were never to maintain a foothold in the market

What Made dyson Successful?

Prior to 2002, the vacuum and floor market cleaner was dominated by:
Maytag Hoover
Kenmore Oreck
Eureka Bissell

All other small brands were never to maintain a foothold in the market

By 2004 dyson had become the 2nd largest
seller of floor cleaning devices.

They were able to achieve this because they
marketed their product as "head and shoulders"
above their competitors.
How is SpotOn Different?
No infomercials to sell product
We will adopt the tested strategy used by dyson
of "high price, high quality"
Studies show that consumers will purchase an
item soley based on the perception that it is
better because it is more expensive.
Co-Marketing with Amazon's Drone

to your Doorstep!

We will beta test with Amazon awarding massive product exposure
The drones and SpotOn are anticipated to be delivering packages in 2015

SpotOn to Your Doorstep

The Possibilities Are Endless

Thank you for your time and attention
Evonne ~ Bri~ Greg
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