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Spanish: Subject Pronouns

Spanish subject pronouns lesson

Lauren Traylor

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Spanish: Subject Pronouns

Subject Pronouns By: Emily Huffman, Ruth Ann Dye, Brianna Berrier, Julia Foster and Lauren Traylor Understanding Subject Pronouns Yo: 1
tú : You (familiar)
Usted: You (formal)
el: he
ella: she
Nosotros: We (masc/fem)
Nosotras: We (fem)
Vosotros: You all (masc/fem)
Vosotras: You all (fem)
Ustedes: You all (formal)
ellos: they (masc/fem)
ellas: They (fem) I YO = You (familiar) tú = usted = You (formal) He él = ella = She nosotros We (masc) = nosotras = We (fem) vosotros You all (masc) vosotras You all (fem) = = ellas ellos they (masc) they (fem) = = Matching Game! ellas nosotros yo ellos Review Questions 1. What are three ways to say "you all" 2.if you are talking about yourself, what word would you use? 3. If you were talking to Senora Hardesty about herself what would you use? 4. How do you refer to a group of girls? ustedes = you all (formal) https://jeopardylabs.com/play/subject-pronouns4 Jeopardy!
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