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Pannon 2012_ENG/1

A szállodai online marketing világa

Akos Gyenes

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Pannon 2012_ENG/1

Hotel distribution channels
Egyéni vendégek
Direkt foglalások
Email @
Saját honlap
Közvetítőn keresztüli foglalások
Utazási iroda & Wholesaler (TUI, IBUSZ...)
Online közvetítők (Expedia, Booking, Szallas.hu, Wellnesshetvege.hu,...)
Hotel Online Marketing
Website design ???
No.1 target is to SELL
15 hotel website tips
Google Alert
Google Places
Google rank
Google Adwords
Mobile web
Communicate 1 domain, you may reserve more
Choose simple, modern design, avoid flash, use clear menu!
booking engine is a must!
Do not save on images, do not use Google pictures, buy stock images if needed!
Optimalize text, use your keywords as much as possible!
Avoid unreadable and small fonts
Your contact details must be "everywhere"
Think about upselling your room types!
Focus on selling on each side
Only use languages you can fill-up with content
Minimalize out-links
Communicate social media only if you use them
SEO is a must, do not pay for meta keywords
Use videos
Check your website in each browser
Meta title
Meta description
Hotel own website
Destination site
OTA (Online Travel Agent)
Opaque / Coupon site
Travel Agent website
Route planner site
Social Media
Feedback site
How do they find us?

24,1% Family and friends
20,2% OTA (Online Travel Agent)
17,2% Google and other search engines
16,0% Tripadvisor
11,8% Loyal guest
2,7% Travel Agent brochure
2,7% Blog
2,0% Facebook
2,1% Magazine
1,0% Travel Books
Online Travel Agent
On request
Opaque / coupon
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