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Marianas Trench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An awesome band from Vancouver, B.C.

Natasha Wong

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Marianas Trench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An awesome band from Vancouver, B.C.
Marianas Trench
Josh Ramsay
Matt Webb
Ian Casselman
Mike Ayley
Band Members
Josh Ramsay: Lead singer

Matt Webb: Lead Guitarist

Mike Ayley: Lead Bass

Ian Casselman: Drums
Josh Ramsay is the lead singer of the band with a bad
past. In Magee Secondary, he started to take heroin at Grade 11. He soon got busted for it and was suspended. He soon was forced to go to rehab and wrote a love letter to heroin, now a song called Lover Dearest. He also suffered bulimia and insomnia. Now, clear of all the heroin, he wants to keep writing music and continue with his passion with music. Since he grew up in a musical family, with his mother being a vocal teacher and his father owning a studio,it is no surprise that Josh played his first instrument (the piano) at two and can now play over 9 instruments. He also has been producing songs for Carly Rae Jepsen, Victoria Duffield and Emily Osment, just to name a few. Finally, he has recently been nominated for a Grammy for co-writing Call Me Maybe.
Matt Webb is the lead guitarist and has been a friend to Josh ever since high school. They went to choir together and started a band called Ramsay's Fiction. After he graduated high school, he dropped that band and decided to go to university. However, after the first semester, he decided to dropped out to help Josh start a new band, now called Marianas Trench. He also has produced his first debut album, Coda and Jacket, a series of seven songs, and as he calls it, one thing crossed off of his "bucket list."
Shortly after Marianas Trench started, Josh and Matt found Ian through an ad in The Georgia Strait. He was quickly accepted and was another piece added to the band. Ian is a fun, crazy person to be around with and he calls himself "The Octagon."
Mike Ayley is part of the band because Ian had suggested him. They were past friends before, and how they met, we have no idea simply due to the fact there are a lack of resources.
2009: Beside You Tour
Started: October 4, 2009 in St.Catherines, Ontario
Ended: December 31, 2009 in Prarieland Park
September 23, 2010 at Bowery Electric in Manhattan
Fun Fact: First Concert in the United States
September 2012: Fat as Butter Festival in Australia
Fun Fact: Started out as the "Glamour Kills" tour. Due to sickness, it was post-poned, only to be announced that they will do the Fat as Butter Festival in Australia. It was in fact the first concert in Australia for them.
October 2012: Face the Music Tour in Canada
Fun Fact: First headlining arena tour and is to be extended in the spring of 2013.
Formation of the Band
As you know, Josh Ramsay lived in a musical family, with his father owning a recording studio and mother being a vocal teacher. Also, he did drugs in Grade 11. Before that, however, he started a band in Magee with his choir friend Matt Webb, Ramsay Fiction. However, after Josh got kicked out of high school, he wanted to take his dream of starting a band to the next level. In 2000, he and Matt started to look for a bass guitarist and a drummer. One day, they discovered Ian Casselman by a ad in the Georgia Strait. Through Ian, they added their final member to their band which happened to be Mike Ayley. They got signed to 604 records by Chad Kroenger, the lead singer of Nickelback. They started out slow, losing a bit of money for their first ever music video, Say Anything. However, their second music video, Shake Tramp snuck its way up to Number One in Canada's top 10 music videos. Now look at where they are now. From one album to four. From a small performance at a bar to a arena tour. From one nomination and award to 14. Looking back, these amazing men came a long way, but had many sacrifices as well.
Music Videos
Videos sponsored by Youtube
Good to You ft. Jessica Lee
All to Myself
Celebrity Status
Haven't Had Enough
Desperate Measures
Say Anything
Decided to Break It
Beside You
Cross My Heart
Shake Tramp
Thanks For Reading This!
Remember to comment!
Thanks again!
The Next few Slides will now contain
multiple pictures....
just a few people
involved with this....
their albums, up to this date..
most of all,why we love them! <3
MMVA 2010 Entrance
MMVA 2011 Entrance
MMVA 2011
MMVA 2011
MMVA 2012 Entrance
MMVA 2012
Marianas Trench getting "duped"
Awkward Moment between Josh and the VJ
Josh and his "maniless" pose
Josh looks quite annoyed...
this looks like those "staff only" places
after the "Decided to Break It" video shoot
was this the Face the Music Tour Part 1?
ad photo for Beside You tour
from That Much Closer (Much Music)
Ever After Promo Photo
each of the guys' pose is different
at least they look at the camera this time
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