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ELA Step 26 Presentation

No description

michael ogundimu

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of ELA Step 26 Presentation

Bandwagon what does it mean? Bandwagon means when an advertisement creates an impression that is widespread support for a thing or idea. Meaning everybody's doing it, for example smoking, everybody is doing it, why shouldn't you? Another example, is a McDonalds commercial. When a person comes in with a McDonalds bag in the commercial, everybody stops what they're doing and stares at the person holding the bag. When they get food from McDonalds, they have fun.
Obstacle 1
Obstacle 2
Now what is plain folk? Plain folk is a type of propaganda technique that people use to present themselves as a regular person who can understand with a listener. Here's an example, look at the commercial below to get an idea about plain folk. This advertisement is showing how a person can look beautiful
with their product and go from
ugly, to beautiful.
Here are some tips on how to not get fooled by some advertisements you see. When you see an advertisement ask yourself what is the advertisement showing? Is the product accurate?
If I buy the product, what will be the use of it? Another tip is to research the product online. What are the pros and cons of the product. Ask your friends if they have brought the product. If they have then ask them if the product does what it says on the advertisements. Also if possible sample the product with another.

What are the four types
of propaganda that are
used in advertising today?

Plain Folk
Transfer is a type of propaganda technique that uses your feelings, so you could buy that specific product. For example a commercial where they show wildlife dirty and hurt, then they show that there products help them get well again.
Plain Folk
Okay, now what does testimonial mean? Testimonial is when a famous person (celebrity) show a product for you to buy. For example this Gatorade commercial features a famous basketball player. Showing that with their product he performs better.
First of all what is propaganda?
Propaganda is a way or technique
used to persuade (manipulate) people's
point of view on something.

Hi my name is Bob
and I'm going to tell
you about propaganda.
So you better listen good!
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