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Belgium foodie stuff

No description

Andrew Gianattasio

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Belgium foodie stuff

Belgium, due to its proximity to Germany, has many types of sausage. Some of these include Boudin, which is a very long sausage that can be cut up into smaller pieces and can be cooked many different ways, including Cajun style.
Le Fromage
Beauvoorde is a hard type of Belgian cheese from Western Belgium. Belgium tends to have a lot of cheese like many places in Europe.
During World War 1, American soldiers saw Walloons speaking French and making fried potatoes. Thus, they thought they were French and brought back the recipe. They called them French Fries.
Belgium is home to many types of wine, but since this is a middle school presentation we won't talk about that. Moving on.
Thank you!
Belgium is a French speaking country bordered by France and The Netherlands. It is also bordered by Germany and Luxembourg. However, these people will be called Walloons in this presentation so GET USED TO IT!
In Conclusion
Belgium has a lot of awesome food. From Sausage to cheese to Bostonian food trucks, Walloons got good eats.
Belgium foodie stuff
By Andrew Gianattasio
Walloon's food truck is based in Boston and sells French, Belgian, and Canadian foods. It's mostly just Fries and Poutine, but it sounds delicious.
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