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Understanding by Design

SCD 5/23/11 - Science Department

Kimberly Christian

on 10 July 2011

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Transcript of Understanding by Design

Understanding by Design use and apply the subject not just know it Make teaching about the "big ideas" Goal Process Product not just vocabulary and facts Six facets of UNDERSTANDING EXPLAIN INTERPRET APPLY PERSPECTIVE EMPATHIZE SELF-KNOWLEDGE the student generalizes, makes connections, has a sound theory the student offers a plausible and supported account of text, data, experience the student can transfer, adapt, adjust, address novel problems the student can see from different points of view the student can walk in the shoes of people/characters the student can self-assess, see the limits of their understanding draw connections transfer learning to different contexts Do we really want our students to... OR Memorize the equations for forces and motion? Figure out how to move a 300 lb piece of furniture into a moving truck? Recite the equation for photosynthesis? OR Recognize the impact deforestation has on our atmosphere? Know the exact specific heat of water? OR Explain why Earth would not be habitable without water? make meaning of knowledge use discreet knowledge and skills Unit Planning: "Backwards Design" Stage 1: Desired Outcome stage 2: Assessment Evidence Stage 3: Learning Plan why UbD?? All Smithtown CSD curriculum work must be done in UbD format New APPR changes from NYS may allow up to 20% of teacher assessment to be based on student performance in local assessments UbD encourages broader understanding of concepts more likely to be in line with Common Core State Standards current NYS standards Define "essential questions" ???? An essential question... has no simple "right answer" that can be looked up is meant to be investigated, argued, and viewed from different points of view raises other important questions constantly and appropriately recurs throughout course; can be asked and re-asked over time with new anwers as a result of further learning Define "transfer goals" for unit what should a student be able to do with the content at the end of the unit? answer to the "why do we have to know this?" question Valid evidence to evaluate achievement of Stage 1 goals Assessing for UNDERSTANDING Can the student... ...apply their learning in new, varied, and realistic situations? ..."do" the subject instead of just answer questions Framework for building assessment tasks not memorization of vocabulary and facts What do you want the students to be able to do? How will you determine if they can do this? How will you teach them to be able to do this? Teaching for understanding requires that students be able to draw inferences and make generalizations themselves Understandings cannot be "handed over" understandings have to be "constructed" and realized by the learner Unit planning should reflect the most logical teaching approach required to accomplish the goals not necessarily just the order of the textbook Learning activities are aimed at... ensuring the students see the big picture equiping students to be able to reflect on the essential questions getting students interested in the material providing tools to specifically accomplish goals stated in Stage 1 challenging students' previous assumptions incorporating feedback and self-assessment for students differentiating instruction to meet individuals needs Plan instruction starting with goals to determine learning activities & assessments Instead of what we do now: Define content Identify how we will teach it Create assessment Identify the BIG IDEAS What do you want students to know 40 years from now? In what ways does form reflect function? To what extent do changes to the Earth influence the life on it? To what extent are the properties of a substance the result of what it is made of? printed and displayed in your room all year mile wide inch deep UbD model aims to... Teach students to...
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