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"Blue Tigers" by Jorge Luis Borges

Presented by Alex Stanton

Alex Stanton

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of "Blue Tigers" by Jorge Luis Borges

"Blue Tigers" by Jorge Luis Borges "Collected Fictions" Argentinian 1983 1998 1899 1986 surrealist magical realism First person takes the reader inside the mind of the narrator, Alexander Craigie makes the reader examine the action and dialogue of the natives from a more critical point of view of an outsider gives emotive details of the situation with the blue stones/disks and their perplexing properties differs from the work of Isabel Allende "Blue Tigers" is not Borges' only story to use first person, but even within "Shakespeare's Memory" there are alternations between first and third person Flashback gives the mindset of the narrator in the situation but also allows for the narrator to criticize his own actions and recollections allows for analysis and revisions by the narrator while recollecting to the reader not a stiff flashback in that the narrator alters from recalling the events of the flashback to critizing his memory and recollection 1977
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