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Ed Sheeran

A Project I did for my Music Class (Famous Project)

Ramya E.

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Ed Sheeran

Famous Singer
Ed Sheeran

By Ramya Eyer
Ed Sheeran is a British Singer-Songwriter who was born in February 17 1991 in Halifax, West Yorkshire in the UK. Shortly after he moved to Framlingham, Suffolk, the place where he grew up and went to Thomas Mills High School. He then moved to London to pursue a career in music. After many gigs, EPs and couches later he finally made it huge in the music industry, with release of "+" in 2011, opening act for Taylor Swift's RED tour and "x" in 2014.
A Brief Summary of Where He Came From
How He Became Who He is Today
As a kid he had many music-related memories
such as listening to Van Morisson on his many
trips to London and going to a private gig with
Damien Rice when he was 11. As well he learned
to play the guitar at a young age. These events
of his childhood have really stimulated his love for music.
In 2005, at the age of 14 he began recording
his first self-released EP (or Extended play) was called the Orange Room EP
released two albums, a self-titled album in 2006 and “Want Some?” in 2007
In 2008, he played smaller gigs nearly everyday
auditioned for “Britannia's High” and did not make the cut .
In 2009, he released another EP called You Need Me.
So What Type of Music Does He Sing/Write?
Acoustic Folk
Ed Sheeran's most well known style is definitely acoustic. To perform almost all of his songs, all he uses is an acoustic guitar and his stunning voice. His most famous songs including The A-team, Lego House and Small Bump are all done in this style.
Hip Hop
Ed does incorporate hip hop elements in his songs. One of his songs called "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" is solely rapping and beat-boxing, two of the most recognizable aspects in the genre of Hip-hop and he shows off his beat-boxing skills a lot in live performances. He is releasing a hip hop album in April 2014.
Lately Ed Sheeran has been known for taking on the genre of pop. He has written two pop ballads for "One Direction" known as "Moments" and "Little Things". He has also collaborated with Taylor Swift on a duet called "Everything has Changed " and joined various artists such as Bruno Mars and Macklemore for a few of their gigs.
wasn't noticed until 2010 when he posted a video through sb.tv
caught attention of Rapper "Example"
released 3 EPs that year, i Wrote with Amy, Ed Sheeran Live at Bedford and Loose Change
discovered in L.A . by Jamie Foxx at an open mic session
started fan base via radio in L.A. and was offered a place to stay [by Jamie Foxx]
his fan base on youtube started growing that year
On January 9th 2011, released final self -produced album called 'Collaborations' which featured grime artists
gained mainstream credit for reaching number 2 on iTunes without a label or promo
on April 12th 2011 he put on a free concert for fans and did not expect the crowds
he released his debut studio album "+" September 19th 2011
He performed at the Closing Ceremony at the London 2012 olympics and the Diamond Jubilee
has written songs for the pop band "One Direction"
has co-written a duet with Taylor Swift called "Everything Has Changed"
went on Taylor Swift's RED Tour in 2013

After countless EPs, gigs and attempts at fame as well as his ambitions to pursue music he became who he is today.
Two Contrasting songs sung by Ed Sheeran
Autumn Leaves
Now let's compare the two songs.....
You Need Me, I Don't Need You
Autumn Leaves
5 Fun Facts About
Ed Sheeran

1. In addition to being able to play guitar, sing, rap and beat-box, he can also operate a loop pedal used to create back-tracks live on stage.
2. In 2009, Ed Sheeran was
inspired by Jamie Morrison
to play 312 gigs in one year.
3. One of his hobbies is to build things out of Lego.
4. His fan base includes famous
people like England "football"
(soccer) captain Rio Ferdinand,
Elton John and even Paul
5. Rupert Grint, (the person who played Ron in Harry Potter) starred in one of Ed's music videos for "Lego House".
Thanks for Watching!:)
You Need Me, I Don't Need You
The rhythm of "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" is more fast-paced than "Autumn Leaves", being more accented and has a lot more energy as there is percussion backing up the guitar and the vocals for this song

This song is sung in the hip-hop genre. The intro to the song features some beat-boxing and the rest of the song is rapping, though it is not the typical rapping seen in the mainstream.

As well, the lyrics of the song express how he is moving on, doing his own thing and how he is not letting someone hold him back.
As you can see his style of singing and writing is a combination of the three genres.
"Autumn Leaves" on the other hand would fall under his acoustic folk genre as it is much slower and more light as it is just Ed Sheeran strumming his acoustic guitar and his singing contributing to the sound.

The lyrics for this song are more meaningful and expressive (poetic). They express the exact opposite of the lyrics of "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" as they are about how he misses someone rather than not needing them
Mainstream Success
June 20th 2014 he released his second studio album, "X" (pronounced 'Multiply'
With this album he has had 3 songs in 'Billboard Top 40', "Afire Love", "Don't" and "Thinking Out Loud"
Things are looking up for the once couch-bound UK singer
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