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Blade Runner Board Game

No description

Nathalie Domingo

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Blade Runner Board Game

Main Game Play
Blade Runners: find Replicants and retire them.
Replicants: make it to the end of board and extend your life
Randomized character types, except for first player
On your turn roll die to detemine how many spaces to move
Space color determines action you can take.
Combat Cards
Silver Spaces
Collect combat cards, which allow you to combat other players
Only way for Blade Runners to retire Replicants
Gold Spaces
You can combat one player
Players should only combat other players that they believe to be of the other player type--if you kill your own player type, you automatically lose the game
Based off of Munchkin
Combat consists of three rounds where players must put down one combat card per round. Two out of three wins
Specialty Cards
Dispersed amongst memory and combat cards
Memory Cards: get rid of all memory cards
Combat Cards: get rid of all combat cards
Force Another Player: Another player must help you during combat
Switch Player Types: if you are a Blade Runner, you become a Replicant
Blue Spaces
Blade Runner Board Game
You can administer the Voight-Kampff Test which consists of eight questions
Blade Runners have unlimited answering ability, but need memory cards to ask questions
Replicants have unlimited questioning ability, but need memory cards to answer questions
Way to discover Replicants
Red Spaces
Collect memory cards
Each memory card entitles you to one question or answer, based on player type
Must keep cards in front of you at all times
Avoid Battle: completely avoid battle
Plus Brute Strength, Plus Intelligence: worth varying combat points
Protection: minimizes opponents combat points
Helping Card: keep trhoughout one battle. Allows you to accept help from others
All Blade Runner related

Connection to Utopias
Based off of Blade Runner
The importance of photgraphs, memories, and the Voight-Kampff Test
The difference between Blade Runners and Replicants--more broadly, difference between humans and cyborgs
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