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The Articles of Confederation

Presentation regarding the various weaknesses surrounding the Articles of Confederation, which led to the eventual Constitutional Convention.

Ross Hawkins

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of The Articles of Confederation

What were the Articles of Confederation? Document adopted by the states prior to the Constitution. Used to govern the states during the Revolutionary War and directly after the conflict. Quick Overview of the Articles of Confederation Shay's Rebellion Settlers in western Massachusetts unable to pay debts. Daniel Shay let a revolt so settlers would not have to pay back debts Uprising stopped, but incident highlighted the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation Problems with the Articles of Confederation -Provided a weak central government -Congress had no power to tax or regulate commerce between states -No common currency between states -Each state only had one vote in Congress, despite population. -No effective judicial or executive branch. Solution:
Convention Big Players George Washington James Madison Alexander Hamilton George Mason All thirteen states sent delegates to the meeting in Philadelphia, except Rhode Island. Some states feared that the meeting would result in a government that would be too powerful George Washington was made president of the Convention in order to dismiss fear. *unfortunately, he never fought a tiger The original purpose of the Convention was to amend the Articles of Confederation Members soon realized that a new set of laws was needed, and the Articles of Confederation was dismissed. Through intense debate and compromise, the Constitution of the United States would eventually be created from the representatives of twelve states.
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