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Career Shadowing

Polk County Sheriffs Office Sergant Jill Seymour

Dalton Yelvington

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Double click anywhere & add an idea Career Shadowing 2010 Where This company will be in 15 years... Pictures! Purpose of the Company Employability Skills Average Salary Education Requirements Technology Skills Pursue this career, Likes/Dislikes Protect the cities in Polk County
Keep citizens of Polk County safe Larger still trying to reduce the
crime all over Polk County. Honesty
Good Communication Skills
Diversity of Cultures
Physically Capable A 2year Degree Law Enforcement Academy of Criminal Justice Standards $36,000 and up as your rank gets higher Polk County Sheriffs Office
Sergeant Jill Seymour Cell Phone Radars Computers Tasers Weapons Automated Fingerprinting System Ammunitions Surveillance Systems Much More!! Good Memory(laws, police codes, stat sheets) Polite Understanding Unbias and Patient I would definately consider pursuing a career in this organization. It has great benefits and job stability. What I like the most about this job is the fact that it is risky and never boring. It doesnt fall into a same old same old category and it is hectic.This job keeps you on your toes. What I dislike is some of the risk factors and the pay would also be on the con side of this job to me. THE END!
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