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Harriet Tubman

No description

Robbie Berg

on 19 April 2012

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Transcript of Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman A Road to Freedom Coded songs Manumission- the act of granting freedom to a slave
Emancipation- act of emancipation grants freedom and political rights to individuals who have been denied them
Narcolepsy- a person with narcolepsy experiences periods of extreme drowsiness during the day and also falls asleep unexpectedly
Abolitionist- someone who fights for an end to slavery Vocabulary Slavery was a major problem. Many people debated over the topic itself. Blacks were discriminated against only because of their skin color (race) they were segregated from many things such as water fountains, bathrooms, buses and more. Most slaves were thought of as just property not people! African American slaves were shipped on boats across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to the United States. There were many pro-slavery people which are people who like the idea of slavery, Most of these people were in the south. They liked slavery because they owned large plantations and they could be sold as property for large amounts of money. Abolitionists are people who are against slavery and all it stands for. They believe it's wrong to treat people like property just because they have a different skin color. There were many people who fought against it and they created the Underground Railroad. Background Harriet Tubman was an abolitionist. She was born into slavery and started working at the age of 5 as a house servant. . Harriet had escaped slavery and went back to sneak other slaves out of slavery using the underground railroad. She knew she risked her life to do this. Harriet suffered from Narcolepsy. She got it from being hit in the head with an iron wieght. She was known as the moses of her time era for African Americans. She was thought of Moses because he led his people out of slavery into their promised land, that's what Harriet also did. Harriet also sang songs that were in code and only other slaves knew what she was saying. The Underground Railroad wasn't even a railroad. It was a way for slaves to escape through a chain or train of abolitionists white or black. Some of these abolitionist just offered food others gave them a place to stay for the night, hid them if bounty hunters were coming, and some even helped lead them to freedom! There were many signs for fugitive slaves to know if it was a safe house or not. Some of these clues were, a porch light left on, certian things in the yard or if one of their leaders told them it was a safe house. Harriet was among the many who helped with this operation. Over a 10 year span she made 19 trips back and forth and escorted over 300 slaves to freedom, not even losing one. Slaves felt safe with her because they knew they were in good hands. Underground Railroad Harriet loved to sing. So she invented a new way of communicating with her passengers, through song. She would sing coded songs so white people didn't know the actual message she was relaying to her passengers or soon to be passengers.

Harriet was known as the Moses of her people
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