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Ford Motor Company v Federal Trade Commission

No description

Kayla Aaron

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Ford Motor Company v Federal Trade Commission

Federal Trade Commission Complaint A complaint was filed because of the distribution, sale and advertisement of the MicronAir Filtration System.

Ads were improper when saying all toxins were removed, when gaseous pollutants cannot be removed from a vehicle

These ads and sales violated Sec 4 of the Federal Trade Commission Act regarding "commerce" as defined by the FTC MicronAir Filtration System Court Orders I. Ford was ordered to cease all conversation from employees and successors, as well as advertisements discussing the filtration system or any product that may be similar.

II. If any such filtering system was mention again scientific evidence must support any statement made by the company, employees or advertisements

III. For 3 years all employees must maintain reliable evidence of all information used in the company's branding efforts
Court Orders IV. Within 30 days Ford must notify the FTC of any change in director or company representative

V. Within 10 days of hiring a new employee, one must be presented with these orders for their knowledge

VI. on August 22, 2016, unless a new complaint arises these orders will cease to exist (with a few exceptions

VII. Withing 60 days of the original complaint date, the Commission was to present a proper report containing all information of the orders v Available in 1995 Mercury Mystique and 1995 Lincoln Continental
Claimed to remove virtually all harmful pollutants from vehicles based upon a slogan "Eat No One's Dust" Mystique Lincoln
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