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The Church and the Internet

No description

Fabiola Fernandes

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of The Church and the Internet

The Church and the Internet
Internet is a new territory yet to be explored and so my conclusion
The Church Documents
and Social Media
Concept of the Church
The Bible is full of
stories of God’s people working in partnership
God is a network himself—the Trinity—pulsating with communion.
Working together is God’s idea.

He lives in community, in relationship, outside of time, in eternity.

Our individual potential is only realized, our wholeness only experienced, in relationship with others.

God created us to trust and to work in company of each other.

Believers throughout history have sought to respond to God’s call
to unity with Him and with each other.
If it was not the consent of Mary,
Jesus would not have been born of a woman
Networks are everywhere
From our Schools to
our Institutions
They form an integral part of how we live
‘Communio et Progressio’
It is here that the Church sees these Media as ‘Gifts of God’ Which in accordance with His providential design, unite men in brotherhood and so help them to co-operate with his plan for their salvation.
Aetatis Novae
The Church did realize that the vast expansion of human communication was profoundly influencing the culture everywhere.
The document came out with a beautiful conclusion that it is impossible for the Church to ignore, the impact of modern means of communication. It described the modern age of communication as, ‘the first Areopagus’ which is unifying humanity and turning it into what is known as ‘Global Village.'
I tried my best to flip through few Church documents from vast of them
that upholds , embraces and acknowledges
technology and social communication
as the means of Evangelization.
Social Media contribute to men’s entertainment
and instruction as well as
helps to spread and support of the Kingdom of God.
Church and Social communication, second Edition, by Franz-Josef Eilers, SVD, 1997, Logos publications, Manila
Church and Social communication, second Edition, by Franz-Josef Eilers, SVD, 1997, Logos publications, Manila, pg 121, no. 428.
embrace the
‘Digital Continent.’
Pope Benedict XVI
The new resources,
(Mass Media)
ever help in the task of evangelization.
Pope John Paul II
Mass Media has conquered
Time and Space
Social Communications
is to bring others to CHRIST
Pope Francis
Pope's and
the Mass Media
Pope Paul VI
Technology is not an instrument
Technology helps to grow together
’ It’s a new way of living
It creats bonds of strong relation
They cross space and time
They change our way of thinking
Internet is changing our way of living
A space to grow together
There are no founders
we have to be pioneers
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