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Socrative Training

No description

Sam Sicilia

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Socrative Training

What is Socrative?
How can Socrative be used in your classroom?
How do you sign up for Socrative?
How will you use Socrative in your classroom?
Presented by Sam Sicilia
How do you give students access to your class in Socrative?
Socrative is a student response system.
Socrative allows you to get feedback from all students at once
It allows you to engage students with questions and games before, during, and after a lesson.
From this
To This
Use Socrative for...
Polling Students
Quizing Students
Play a Review Game
Exit Tickets
Pre/post Tests
Question Types and Activities
Verbal Multiple Choice
Premade Quizzes and Tests
Verbal True or False
Space Race Game/Competition
To Start This Session
Open a web browser on your device and type in

mobile device

Enter Room # 79075
Answer the following question using Socrative on your device:
True or False:
Instant feedback from all students is beneficial to my instruction.
With instant feedback from every student you can:
Differentiate your instruction
Address misconceptions
Gauge prior knowledge
Check for understanding
Exit Tickets
To join your Socrative class students simply go to Socrative mobile app or b.socrative.com and enter your room name/number
Once your class is populated you can begin your activities:
Ask a Question
Run a Quiz/Test
Run Space Race Review Game
Run an Exit Ticket
Ready to go!
Look for an exit ticket activity to begin in the Socrative room for this session
Professional Development
Short answer
Instant feedback
Works on any device
Teacher generated content
User friendly
Student sign in
Teacher generated content
Technical issues
Teacher Question
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