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Advertising in Print Media

Features of Advertising in Print Media

Rayan Afiouni

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Advertising in Print Media

Ad's and Demographics Advertising is a very important element in Mass Media.

Certain companies use specific mediums depending on their products demographic.

For Example - Red Bull would probably not advertise in the latest issue of the Financial Review. Similarly, Funeral insurance companies would not advertise in Total Girl Magazine. Salient Features What makes a good ad? Now it's your turn.. Colour Ad's will use colour to indicate different meanings. Colour is also used to allow the ad to stand out to the audience. Thinking about salient features, colours, size and placements, what can you suggest about the following advertisements?

NOTE: Think about the product that is being advertised, the demographic and where you may find the advertisement. Ad's have certain features that make them easy to remember and extremely catchy.

Lets see what makes them work... Advertising in
Print Media A salient feature is the part of an image that catches the most attention of the viewer. It is the first thing that 'jumps out' at you. Certain colours have certain connotations/connections... Let's brain storm... Red
Pink What can we concluded about all this colour? What is the Salient Feature? What can we say about the colour? What jumps out at you the most? What can you say about the colours used? Where an image is placed and how big or small it is, is also an important element of advertising. Size and placement Look at the size and position of the Jeep in comparison to the rest of the advertisement. Why do you think it is set out this way?
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