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Ghost of Graylock

No description

Cora Wolcott

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Ghost of Graylock

Ghost of Graylock
Reasons why I love this book..
The book has multiple unexpected and shocking plot twist that give the reader chills and excitement that persuade the reader to keep on reading till the very last page.
The book mashes up the genres of horror and mystery very well leaving the reader very interested.
It is very well detailed and gives the reader a good image in their head about what is going on as the story goes.
It left me wishing that the book had never ended when I flipped to the last page
Neal and Bree move with their aunts to a small town out in the woods which they soon come to find out a chilling tale that tels a nurse named Janet that drowned a few girls in a mental hospital where she worked called Graylock that shut down about 20 years ago.. The legend states that her haunting spirit roams around the hosptail waiting for her next victim. So now Bree and Neal are out to see if the legend is true with there two new friends Eric and Wesley to break into the hospital. During their tour they get themselfs wrapped into a deep situation no one can help them with or get them out. Maybe it is Nurse Janet seeking for her next victim. Maybe it is a a cruel joke that is being played. Or maybe worse.
Main Character
Neil is a very brave and a very courageous character in the book. He isn't afraid to fight anyone or anything that comes in between him and his family and friends. His intrest in ghost and ghost hunter persuaded him to investigate if the legend of Nurse Janet was real. He ended up living with his Two Aunts Claire and Annie because his father left the family for an acting job in Los Angelious leaving his mother in a deep depresion so she sends of her kids to her sister so she can get treatment at a mental hospital. Neil makes two new friends named wesley and his Wesley's brother Eric. They are the ones who had informed Neil about the Nurse jant story.
The setting takes place in a small town in the country where the whole town is surrounded by the woods. Neil's house is a nice large cozy house do to the fact that his aunt's own a pie shop down the street. The mental hospital when Neil and his friends went had peeling paint, algae leaving a dark trail along the wall, smashed wooden floors, old dusty toys scatter all along the floor, and still after 20 years an olld birthday cake lying on a table.
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