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Crime and Punishment in the Roman Period

No description

James Thomson

on 20 September 2015

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Transcript of Crime and Punishment in the Roman Period

Crime and Punishment in Roman Britain
Roman Crimes
Lesson Objectives for today:
Understand the types of crimes in Roman Britain
Understand the causes of those crimes
To be able to match up crimes and their punishments
Roman Laws, Trials and Punishments
Lesson Objectives:
To understand Laws, Trials and Punishments in Roman Britain
To analyse how effective Crime prevention was in the Roman period.
Roman Law Enforcement
Learning Objectives:
To understand Roman policing
To assess how successful Roman methods to control crime was
What factors influenced crime and punishment in Britain between 50 and 383?
This is an example exam question
Roman Crime and Punishment

Roman Crime and Punishment is an integral part of the course.
The Romans were the first people to write down their laws and judicial system.
We will be looking at Roman crime and punishment between 50AD and 383AD
Task One
Look at the picture on pages 12/13.
See if you can see any of the descriptions on page 11 in the picture
Roman Crimes
But why?
Work with the person next to you to fill out the crib sheet.

Extension: Complete the example question at the bottom of the sheet.
Quiz time
Roman law and order was like nothing before- it was written down.
Theoretically it was available to all
Task 1
Read the section on page 14 and make notes. Make sure they are detailed and clear.
Task 2
Read the information on page 16.
Fill out the sheet
Start to fill out your summery mind-map.
What is the role of the police?
Task One
Read page 15. Take notes in mind map format.

Task Two
Work on your
blue sheets
But don't forget Aediles!
Finally; finish filling out your overview sheet
Write down the following as sub-headings. Then say how each factor would have effected crime and punishment
The Government
The subjects aka Britons
Key info:
Roman Laws
- to make Rome better
- Written down

- Minor Crimes
- Major Crimes
Game time
I'm going to read out aspects on Roman law and order
Round One:
You have to come up with three
words that sum up that aspect
When you have it, hands up and you win a point for your gender
Round Two:
Act it out!
Don't forget aediles!
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