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5308 Final Presentation

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Erik Urbizu

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of 5308 Final Presentation

The Oaks at Purgatory Creek
BB&E Partners Goals Objectives Characteristics Physical Setting Regional Context Land Use Locations Presentation
Conservation of natural resources Beneficial to the Community New Business opportunities To build a new development along the Wonder World Extension that incorportates conservation and mixed-use development, and also provides the community with modern, affordable housing. Mixed-Use Conservation Development Affordable housing To provide residents of Northwest San Marcos with alternative amenities, such as living, shopping, dining, and entertainment. To preserve the look and feel of the hill country.
To provide a development that maintains as much of the natural landscape as possible. Provide the community with affordable housing in an area traditionally reserved for higher priced homes. Provide affordable housing
Access to new transportation routes - Wonder World and Craddock Extensions Mixed-use development that will provide new loft apartments and several new businesses Three locations were considered and evaluated.
Sites 1 and 2 were eliminated because they were in the Purgatory Greenspace.
Site 3 was suitable for all of our goals.
Hydrology Purgatory Creek/San Marcos Watershed
100 year floodplain
Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone Topography Elevations range from 650 - 700 ft
Slopes range from 0 - 8% Part of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone
Central Texas "Hill Country"
Utilities are provided by the City of San Marcos and Pedernales Electric Co-op Zoned as SF-6 - Minimum 6,000 sq ft lots
Conservation and Affordable housing meet this criteria
The area with the mixed-use development would have to be rezoned to a Mixed Use District Mixed- Use Development 6 - 27,000 sq ft buildings
8 - 1,500 sq ft loft apartments per building; 48 total
3 - 2,500 sq ft businesses per building; 18 total
3 story parking gargage, 150 spaces total, for residents, employees and paid parking
54 on street parking spaces

Affordable Housing 6 - 2,000 sq ft duplexs on 2 acre
12 - 1,000 sq ft residences
Park and Basketball court
Selling to the City of San Marcos, will be rented out according to the San Marcos Housing Authority guidelines
11% of the total dwellings are affordable Conservation Development 45 - 1/4 acre lots
Clustered together around three roads and cul-de-sacs
Preserved the natural landscape as much as possible; very few trees would have to be cut down
161 acres of open space; 12% of total acreage was developed Total Investment and Analysis Preserve as much of the natural landscape Purchase Price - $1.75 million
Construction Costs - $17.78 million
Total Cost of Development - $19.5 million
20.53 total acres developed
Potential annual rental revenues - $1.15 million
Potential sales revenues - $1.88 million
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