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No description

Becky Kuethe

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Handy

This is a robot that helps you if your hand is hurt or dirty.
Well look no further the hand helper robot is here!
If your hands are broken the hand helper robot is there for you
It can do homework you say what you want write and it writes it for you
If you are gonna play Tennis it will help you too just say up, down, right, or left and it will go that direction and if you say HIT! it will hit the ball!
Even if your gonna play a Nerf gun fight it will shoot the other people just do it like the Tennis only just say SHOOT when you want it too shoot.
But it will not put your clothes on for you. well sometimes if you are not gonna put your underpants ):
It will make you food but no drinks or Handy will brake.
Handy can not help you take a shower. Because it will break.
It will help you play games that include no H2O or any liquid.
It can even reset your clock 'cause it has a clock in it's head.
It can also pay money in stores and
It can help you in much more things like typing, opening, closing, and more.
It is very good for helping with things but then your hand is clean. Your hand is not hurt anymore. Say goodbye and thank you to handy.
And he really liked helping you.
And he really liked helping you.
Well now it is gonna pack it things and go help other people.
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