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James Naismith

No description

Tanner Eberle

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of James Naismith

James Naismith Tanner Eberle
Block 3 The Father of Basketball Person's Name Timeline Born on November 6th 1861 1875 Parents die 1873 First basket made 1891 1892 Becomes Kansas Coach 1898 The Early Years... The Early Years.... Birth date: November 6, 1861
Birthplace: Almonte, Ontario, Canada
Family Life: Fourth of eleven kids The invention of basketball was no accident. It was developed to meet a need. Those boys would simply not play "Drop the Hankercheif."
-James Naismith 1910 Earns masters in PE Wife dies 1937 1939 1939 The Adult Years... Interesting Childhood Anecdote:
One day when Naismith and his sister were walking to school two bear cubs started to follow them. The next the mother bear and cubs chased after the pair. That was the last recall of the bears. Education:Completed college in ministry, dropped out of high school.
Occupation(s):Gym teacher and Coach at Kansas
Family Life: Married to Maude E. Sherman, and had four children. Interesting Ancedote:
The way basketball was named basketball is very simple. One of Naismith's students said the game needed a name. So he said we have a basket and a ball, let's call it basketball. Naismith agreed. Struggle #1 As a child Naismith lost many family members. to overcome this he moved in with other relatives. Struggle #2 Struggle #3 Naismith had to invent a game a game for his gym class or get fired, he solved this by inventing basketball. Died on November 28th Contributions & Accomplishments!! Contribution 1 James Naismith created an amazing game that produced millions of dollars and also got kids active. Contribution #2 Naismith also helped invent volleyball. Accomplishment #1 Naismith created a multimillion dollar industry. Accomplishment #2 Naismith got a lot of his students interested in athletics. Interesting Factoids Naismith only played two real games of basketball. Naismith is also known as the Uncle of volleyball because he helped invent it. Basketball wasn't Naismith's favorite game, football was. Final Remarks Died: November 28th 1939
Location: Lawerence , Kansas
Reason :Brain Hemorrhage
As a was learning about James Naismith I realized he only invented the game for the men at the YMCA. This is because he wanted them to have something to do in the winter Sources Rains, Rob. James Naismith The man Who Invented Basketball. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2009. 1-198. Print.

http://wiki.answers.com/. N.p.. Web. 16 May 2013

"http://espn.go.com/." . N.p.. Web. 16 May 2013. James Naismith created one of the most played and favored games today. We call this game basketball. Naismith had to face playing sports with college, so he studied hard and was able to keep playing sports. Goes to high school Basketball is a hit Remarries
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