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Porting web MMO games to native platforms. Tips & Tricks

Presentation prepared for GameDev Conference 2013, which took place January 26 in Lviv.

Vitaliy Zasadnyy

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Porting web MMO games to native platforms. Tips & Tricks

PORTING WEB MMO GAMES TO NATIVE PLATFORMS WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? and how to use it? PROVIDE PUSH NOTIFICATIONS SAVE YOUR USER'S MONEY ! at least for the internet Provide aggressive caching and/or bundles with all static resources PROVIDE UNIQUE FEATURES e.g. our users liked a lot
swipe navigation DON'T use custom user-agent better way DO use custom headers with flag in session DO extract common core DO automate your
builds and tests e.g. for 7 games
was: ~1hour
now: ~5min DO decrease app size optimize graphics use proguard e.g. was: 2.5 Mb
now: 1.6 Mb 6 millions daily downloads BUG! wrong Cyrillic app name encoding 86% English users Vitaliy Zasadnyy developer
google fan
gdg lviv coordinator TIPS
TRICKS THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION! QUESTIONS? Presentation will be available at
blog.zasadnyy.org.ua easy way to get users back to game
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