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6.05 Radioactivity


Bobbi Eason

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of 6.05 Radioactivity

Anyone Sources Used? The types of radiation that can be produced are: Gamma, Beta, and Alpha. This source is common, its common everywhere. Radioactivity is used everywhere. Sources of Radioactivity Cosmic Rays
Earths Crust
Human Bodies
Sun Do people use the radiation source for anything? If so, what? Made by: Bobbi Eason Radioactivity Produce from Radiation Is this source most common in any particular areas? If so, where? Is this source common? Is this radiation source dangerous to people? If so, who is at the highest risk of exposure? How can people protect themselves from it? Dangerous? Exposure? Some of the radiation sources are dangerous to people. such as the earths crust and cosmic rays. you really couldn't protect yourself from the earths crust. Yes, its used in electricity, medicine, and plants.
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