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No description

Mikayla Brownell

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Dionysus

Dionysus was a shape shifter and a powerful hero. His favorite shape was a handsome young man. As you saw in the skit he could also turn into a lion and command things do what he said, for example the vines coming out of the water.
The Myth
One day Dionysus was on the shore of Noxous and was shape shifting. A group of pirates saw him (while he was in the shape of a handsome, rich, young man). They took him captive and tied him to the ship's mast. Dionysus escaped but the pirates tied him back up again. Dionysus then shape shifted into a ferocious lion and scared the whole crew, but one off the ship. The last crew member took Dionysus back to the beach where he found the beautiful Ariadne crying on the beach. They made eye contact and fell in love. They got married and lived happily ever after.
Dionysus's Heroic Traits
Dionysus had the power to shape shift and break free from the pirates. He was strong and very handsome.
God's Intervene
The monsters in this story were the pirates and Dionysus when he turned into a lion and scared all the pirates.
Dionysus & Ariadne
Skit Continued
Skit Ending
God intervene~ Dionysus was a god but the pirates didn't know and the he surprised them with his shape shifting powers.
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