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1.07 Idea Development Venn Diagram

Comparing and Contrasting Novel to Radio Broadcast

Chanel Sharp

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of 1.07 Idea Development Venn Diagram

Radio Broadcast
It was more realistic
Not as realistic
I understood the things
that were taking place
I didn't understand what
was really happening
Both didn't have
Both were explaining
the same genre
The Alien was described
in much better detail
It didn't really describe
the Alien that well.
It was not showing much tension or anxiety.
It showed lots of tension
and anxiety.
Both included an Alien
in the story
It gave way more details about the things going
on in the story
Both mentions a "cylinder
and pit" in the story
It was too short & simple. It gave no details to what was
going on in the story
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