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Jessica Kestell

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Technology

Technology In Education
By Katie, Alison, & Jessica
How is Technology Useful?
"It is widely known that, the effect of technology in the classroom is highly productive. But to what extent and under what circumstance it should be applied depends on many different factors..." (Sahin & Turan, 2009)
Usefulness for us as teachers; benefits
Opportunities for use in our classes
Tools for education purposes
Many new technologies are interactive
Modern technology gives innovation to learning where students can:
learn from doing
receive feedback
redefine knowledge & share content
Traditional classroom vs. Reconstructed classroom (Technology Integrated classrooms)

-Textbooks -------> Internet, Apps, Paperless schools
-Text Focused -----> Multimedia
Teaching and Learning
-Student as receiver/consumer ----> Students actively construct
of information and produce information.
Teacher as facilitator.
- Isolated classrooms and teacher --> Cooperative Learning

SAMR Model
Limitations to Technology Integration
Technology is a new tool
Technology integration into the classroom is slow
Not progressive or mandated through all schools
Changes in teaching are required
Interactional process
Exit slip
Gives us the opportunity to create new learning environments.
Brings real-world problems into class discussions
Effective learning tool
Allows for meaningful connections between educators, parents, & students
1. List
benefits (FOR YOU) of using technology in education and
example of how you would use it.
2. What struggles do you have with incorporating technology into your classrooms / teaching strategy?
Get out your phones, ipads, laptops!
Text or logon to:
Strategies for Technology Integration
-Paper/pencil -----------> simulations with options for
student response
-Focus on facts/recall -----> Emphasis on higher level
skills of analysis, synthesis
and application of
Know your goals/objectives
Educate the teachers
Have an evaluation plan
"Only with clearly-determined goals can educators be intelligent about how much [time] they want to spend, for what purpose and under what conditions"
teacher directed
didactic teaching
individual, competitive
teacher as knowledge dispenser
assessment of knowledge/skills
passive or 1-way modes of instruction
learner centered
student exploration
collaborative, cooperative
teacher as a facilitator or guide
performance based assessment
active/interactive modes of instruction
Teaching Paradigms
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