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Environmental Racism in Detroit

No description

Akilah Fuller

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Environmental Racism in Detroit

By: Akilah Fuller Environmental Racism The Basics Policy Making
Rules and Regulations
Toxic Waste Disposal Government
Marathon Oil Facility Examples and Effects Food Insecurity effects people who have food stamps or WIC.
Water Pollution from belle isle effects people who goes for a swim
Air Pollution effects people who live closer to hazardous waste faculities Food Desert causes more obesity and less nutrients
Belle Isle water pollution causes concern
Strong odors travel into homes in Southwest, Detroit Government making polices that do not ensure rights for all people Oil Facility Operation since 1930, Owned by Marathon Oil Facility in 1959
Belle Isle was completed for the public to enjoy in 1986 Marathon oil facility grew in 2010, creating more barrels of oil Changed? D.B.C.F.S.N. has grown many different plants to supply food, creating less food insecurity Who, What, When?
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