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Jonothan's house

No description

nathan eichelberger

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Jonothan's house

What is Cyberbullying?
Is there proof?
4 out of 100 teens said they were cyberbullied. This shows that teens do not usually say that they were cyberbullied. This is why some parents moniter their kids' phones.
76% of teens are cyber bullied at least once. 6% are bullied everyday. 5% are bullied once or twice a week. 10% are bullied once or twice a month. 55% are bullied less than monthly.
8 out of 16 people in our class were cyberbullied. That's half of our class! 7 of those 8 people were cyberbullied repeatedly.
44% of parents think that their child is a cyberbully. 13% have been told that their child is a cyberbully.
Cyber bullying is never good. It consists of people ,usually teens, using email, texting or social media(twitter, facebook, instagram) to make threatening messages or making fun of other people on twitter. Cyber bullying is usually done by teens with a score to settle or just teens making a joke that gets out of hand.
Usually, cyber-bullying takes the form of text because of texting and email. Another form is photos, usually of people and sometimes photoshopped to get at people more. Also, videos can be used for cyber bullying to also get at people (probably when their ex-freind made a mistake).

By:Nathan, Ashton, Steele and Jacob
Internet stuff
Why is there a
Because this the room of
Jonathon Price a child who was bullied to death

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