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Goal Setting & Expectations for Area Directors

Year 2: Goals & Expectations for Division H Area Directors for 2015-2016 (District 6 Toastmasters) presented 7.9.2015; first presented on 7.10.2014.

Police Review

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Goal Setting & Expectations for Area Directors

Goal #4
Area Council meetings are held and used to provide information and meaningful participation with the club.

Build a team with the Area clubs

Delegate tasks to the members

Coordinate contests

Develop a successor

Hold 3-4 Area Council meetings

Invite all club officers to attend
Goal #5
Develop, set & work towards a stretch personal learning goal.

Start a new club in the area

Earn educational awards - Triple Crown

Undertake a specific role in the division speech contest

Serve as club mentor or coach

Serve in a Division Council role (PR, Education, Secretary)

Goal #6
Complete a High Performance Leadership Project.

Work related project

Specialize training session (Mini-TLI)

Activity that is Division-wide (Networking event)

Consult with the District HPL Chair for other ideas
Goal #1
Host a combined Area Officer Training:

Work with 2-3 Area Directors to host

Identify a humorous Key Note Speaker to help develop the training

Determine the format for the 2.5 hours

Good opportunity for HPL
Goal #2
Host Combined Area Speech Contest

Combine 2-3 Areas

Identify a premier location for the contest

Help out at least 1 other Area contest

Offer to serve as chief judge at club contests
Goal #3
Club visits & reports are timely, through, and have meaningful information

The District 6 Trio, Division Governor & Club President receives a copy

Ask for assistance

Schedule visits early so that recommendations can be implemented

Review prior year reports
Distinguished Area
Goal Setting & Expectations
Division H Area Directors 2015-2016
Eric Johnson
Division H Director
District 6 Toastmasters
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