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Jaci Howard

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Cameron's

Tailors in the Medieval Times

A tailor's job is to make and repair clothing. You do not make armor but you make dresses, shirts, and other types of clothing.
Tailors Job
Shirts ,tunic, leggings, , dresses, and other pieces of clothing. A tunic is a long shirt that is buckled. In medieval times, men wore leggings. They are similar to tights we wear today.
Things I might sell :
Tailor's guilds are an organzition of tailors that help protect the members and talk about fair prices for what they are selling.
Tailor's Guilds

Scissors, Shears
Supplies :
What was the style back then?
Well in the medieval times men wore tunics down to their knees. they also might wear wool pants to parties. Women may of worn corsets, dresses, and skirts.
King's or Queen's Tailors
As a queen's tailor, you must be ready to do unusual patterns. All of the king and queen's tailors are a higher ranking tailor. And they know how to do their job very well. I would assume that if the queen or king's tailor was bad they might be beheaded.
Shoes weren't like they are now. As you can tell from the picture they are usually pointed.
- safe search (tailors in the medieval times)
-Kidz search ( tailor guilds)

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