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What is the limit to human population growth?

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Mariana Baptista

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of What is the limit to human population growth?

What is the limit to human population growth? Population evolution throughout the time

Causes and consequences

What must be done Introduction Causes: Medicine and technology
Campaigns of public health and vaccination
Technique advances on agriculture and Green revolution Consequences: Difficult and disorganized management of the resources
Incapacity of the infrastructures
Overloaded cities
Environment problems Predictions: Adaptation to this growth: 2nd green revolution
Better resource management
Better control of birth rates
Increase of the global production and infrastructures
Reduce consumption HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN OUR PLANET SUPPORT? In conclusion: Massive growth of the population
There is no answer for the big question yet
Change of lifestyles
Preservation of the environment (pollution and resources) 2050: 9.2 bln (UN)
Decline of production
Shortage of resources (oil,water and arable land)
India will overtake China
Bigger growth in the world´s poorer countries Long living Earth and better life for future generations
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