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Revolutionary War

No description

Katie Gibson

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Revolutionary War

The Proclamation of
1763 The colonists couldn't go past
the Appalachian Mountains 1763 The Sugar Act The King put a tax on sugar
that was imported to the
colonies for money. 1764 1760 1761 1762 The Stamp Act 1765 The colonists had to pay a tax
on every piece of paper they used
or owned. 1766 1767 The Townshend Acts Taxes on the items imported by the
colonists, including glass, lead, and tea. 1768 Cause: The King needed to raise funds for England
Effect: The Boston Boycott 1772 1774 1773 1771 1770 1769 The colonists could only buy
from the British East India. The Tea Act The colonists dressed up
like Indians and dumped 342
containers of tea into the
Boston Harbor. The Boston Tea Party Cause: The French and Indian War
Effect: The colonists got angry, and the King was in debt Cause: The King was raising money for England
Effect: Made the colonists angry and that caused the Boston Boycott Cause: Needed to raise money for 10,000 soldiers in the Frontier
Effect: The Sons of Liberty, and the Stamp Act Congress Cause: The King was trying to raise money and control the colonists
Effect: The Boston Tea Party Cause: The Tea Act
Effect: The Intolerable Acts 1775 1776 The Declaration of
Independence A letter from the colonists to the King,
declaring independence. The Battle of Trenton Took place in New Jersey Americans won, took control
of Trenton and increased
confidence. December of 1776 1777 1778 1780 1779 1782 Sept.
1783 1781 October of 1780 October of 1781 September of 1777 December of 1778 The Battle of
Brandywine Creek Took place in Pennsylvania Took place in Georgia Took place in South Carolina Took place in Virginia British won, and took control over
Philadelphia. The Battle of Savannah British won, and gave them control
of a major southern city. The Battle of
King's Mountain Americans won, and that was the
turning point for American tactics. The Battle of
Yorktown Americans won, that was Washington's victory that ended
the war. The Treaty
Paris The King of England
gave America its
Independence. Patrick Henry One of the most influential promoters of the American Revolution, he also gave the famous "Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death" speech. Phillis Wheatley The first African American poet and first African born woman to publish a book. Sybil Ludington A heroine of the war who also
warned the colonists of the British
heading for Concord and Lexington.
She was only 16! Thomas Jefferson He wrote the Declaration of
Independence, and he also was a Founding Father. Sarah Fulton She helped with organizing the Boston Tea Party, and with soldiers at Bunker Hill. She was also a
Daughter of Liberty. Causes of the Revolutionary War American
Revolution By: Katie Gibson
-Stolte- Table of Contents The Proclamation of 1763 The Sugar Act The Stamp Act The Townshend Acts The Tea Act The Boston Tea Party The Declaration of Independence The Battle of Trenton The Battle of Brandywine Creek The Battle of Savannah The Battle of King's Mountain The Battle of Yorktown The Treaty of Paris Patrick Henry Phillis Wheatley Sybil Ludington Thomas Jefferson Sarah Fulton
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