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Great Lake Garment

No description

Zongkai Li

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Great Lake Garment

Great Lake Garments Inc.

Guochun Lu, CEO
Other Stakeholders
Ze Zhang, Public Relation Department
Describe the current situation
Junhao Liu, Vice President, Corporate Communication
Communication Strategies with Employee
Xinyu Fan, Human Resource Department
Message Conduction
Zongkai Li, Spokesperson of GLG Inc.
1. Active and sincere communication strategies

2. Go through the crisis and improve image

3. Realize the importance of business communication
Slowdown in demand from wholesalers
Rising inventories
Insufficient sales revenue
Can't cover payable
Short-run problem
Borrow additional debt
Cut down management compensation
Fire some recent hires
Layoff some recent hires
How to layoff your employee
Identify the problem
Develop communication strategies for different stakeholders.
Maintain reputation in view of negative situation.
Speak with one voice

1.Employees layoff

2.Relationship with other

3.Select company

Professional Business Letter
Laidoff Employee
Give advance notice
Be gracious
Explain the decision
Involve the top brass
Do not over-communicate
Discuss what will happen next
Remained Employee
Meet employee representatives
Provide training
Avoid burnout
Work to retain remained employees
Share the pain
Layoff Notice Meeting
Thank You !
Publicly held
Midwestern US

Lacking In Cash
How to communicate
with every party?
Target employees & Remained employees
Labor union
Supplier & wholesaler
1.Tell them directly when and why they are laid off
2.The benefits company will provide
- help them to find new jobs
- receive unemployment benefit
- keep in touch with unions
3.Appreciate their contributions to the company and ask for their feedback
Other Stakeholders
Vendors & Suppliers
Industry Competitor
The International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union
One of the largest labor unions in the United States

ILGWU calls for a minimum two weeks’ notice prior to layoff

Keep in frequent touch with the unions to help laid off employees find new work or recall them later
Customers will doubt Great Lakes’ ability to produce.

Only recent hires will be laid off




GLG’s business partner will be worried about the company’s ability to pay for suppliers and services.

As a large employer in the area, GLG has a big influence in the surrounding community

-Local media
-Positive reputation within the community

This group will be concerned about the financial well-being of the company

Keep informed
Emphasize the positive goals that we can accomplish this year together
Your investment is right!

Competitors are always watching closely when a situation such as this arises

-We are doing good!
-We can recover quickly!
Send messages that make them convinced we have the ability to pay because this cash shortage is only a short-term problem
Pre-meeting Preparation
1. Layoff notice with CEO's signature
2. Inform all employees to layoff notice meeting
3. Communication early and often, openly and honestly.
The Notification Meeting
1.Employee notification shoud be conducted in person.
2.Stay calm and straightforward.
3.Offer support and encouragement.
4.Keep the meeting professional

Layoff Key Facts
1. Range of layoffs

Follow Up
1. With laid off employees
2. With remaining employees
3. Hold news release
4.Ask to speak with one voice.
Mostly recent hires
Mostly third-shift production
Targeted are 200 out of 1500
2. Period of layoffs
Minimum 90 days
Perhaps as long as six months
Some of employees (25-50) will probably not come back
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