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No description

Aj Hernandez

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Rehearsing

Rehearsal progress
At rehearsal you have to wear clothing that is generally related to your characters personality
Theater study
Actors must always keep the interests needs and enjoyment of the audience
Actors should come to reharsals prepared to rehearse by using the methods that the director prefers Some directors will block one movement at a time
Why its important
This is important because this is how you are going to remember scenes and scripts.
Exercises for daily practice
Breath deeply
Say some Tongue twisters
Chant some lines of poetry
Open and close your fists
The individuals who make up your audience are auditory visual and kinesthetic people
To appeal strongly make audience like your acting by blending of sound sight and action
rotating your hands or arms in circles
Guys should wear suit jackets if character would wear them
Women should wear appropriate jewelry but should remove any bracelets necklaces or watches that are entirely out of character
For example you can do group warmups going in a circle
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